Decrypt PDF Files with Adobe PDF Decrypter

Decrypt PDF Owner Password

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Launch Unrestrict PDF software (Go to Start -> Programs -> Unrestrict PDF -> Unrestrict PDF). Then follow the following instructions step by step to remove PDF restrictions:

Step I - After launching Unrestrict PDF software, Click on Browse button to select User Password protected PDF documents.

Make sure the selected PDF documents is user Password Protected or the PDF file restricts users to copy, edit & modify the text & images of PDF file.

Step II - As you click on Browse button, you will arrive at Open window to select the restricted PDF files.

First Select the users password protected PDF file and then Click on Open button.

Step III - After choosing & selecting the User Password Protected PDF files, click on Unrestrict PDF button to remove the restrictions of Copy, Edit, Print from PDF documents.

If in case you have selected both Owner & User Password Protected file, then software will ask you to input the Owner Password applied in the PDF document.

Step IV - The after the process of removing PDF restrictions, you will arrive at the page with saving information (path where the unrestricted PDF file is being save).

By default Unrestrict PDF Software will save the operated PDF or unrestricted PDF in same location as the location of source PDF file.